Facebook harnesses unlimited potential with respect to marketing and lead generation. However, Facebook is changing. Business owners must learn to adapt if they hope to enjoy the edge that innovation affords them. Here are some ways to use your Facebook business profile that you might not have thought of before:

Respond to Consumers Personally

When users post on your wall, it is usually to comment on something you said or something they saw. If they are asking a question, respond publicly. If they are commenting on something you said or something they saw in your store, respond to them via private message. Be sure to include your name at the end of the message so they know whom to look for. Personalizing your replies indicates to your consumers that you are more than just a business, you are a part of the community.

Inform and Accommodate

Perhaps there is a particular product about which users have been chatting with much higher frequency than previously observed. Make a public announcement on your wall regarding the product. Let them know when the product is coming in. Order it if you don’t have it. Customers may ask you to put aside a particular product for them. Do your best to accommodate these requests and respond to them via private message. Customers will be more likely to return to your store if they know you are willing to go the extra mile for their business.

Ask Questions

It is as important for you to know what your consumers want as it is for you to respond to their inquiries personally and in a timely manner. Poll your consumers for their opinions about new products. You will likely observe a pattern based on the responses you get. Use the information to gauge the success of your advertising campaigns against the opinions of your target audience. The more information you have, the more revealing and consistent bench-marking will become.

Post the Results Quickly

Consumers respond more readily to businesses that involve them in their marketing efforts. It’s called agile marketing. Once you get the results of the survey, post them on your wall. This is will indicate to your consumers that you care about keeping them informed.

Upload the survey results as a .jpg file. In the caption, include a high-excitement description, and inform your visitors that the survey results can also be found on your Homepage, the link to which should be included in your post.

Run a Contest

Offer an incentive program to reward visitors for their efforts to promote your brand on their social media pages. Run a contest whereby visitors are entered into a weekly drawing; each time they share or like your brand on their social media pages, they will be entered into the drawing. Award the winner free merchandise, give them a shout-out with a hash-tag and thank everyone who participated in the contest.